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Zhejiang of China packaging machinery and packaging equipment Co Ltd has been dedicated to designing, manufacturing and sales, is specialized in automatic packaging machinery product research and development, production, sales and service in one of the manufacturing manufacturer, is the Association of packaging unit sales of its products have passed certification, filler and filler products have passed CE certification. Zhejiang China nine playing code machine, and playing code machine, and laser playing code machine, and manual playing code machine, and automatically playing code machine, and stamp playing code machine, and color with playing code machine, and ink round playing code machine, and steam moving playing code machine, products has in pharmaceutical, and day of, and food, and pesticide, and lubricants, industry widely using, part products sold European, and America, and Middle East, and Southeast Asia, area.
the quality of the product is the first peer, product sales across the country, and improve after-sales service, is to let your peace of mind.
in my company to the quality of survival, reputation and development, customer needs is our goal, customer satisfaction is our standards of the enterprise purpose, welcome businessmen came to discuss cooperation.
business philosophy: innovation, quality and integrity
innovation: innovation, replacement products, oriented by customer demand, provide customer satisfaction with products and maintain a leading position in various areas of product packaging technology, to the highest level in the World Sprint.
quality: all work to customer satisfaction, product from design to delivery, layers of checks. Key components are the world famous brand products. Make sure the equipment run stably for a long time.
honesty: honesty, people-oriented, down-to-Earth and realistic. Continued commitment to providing quality service to create customers, corporate prosperity of win-win situation.

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