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promise: one year warranty + maintenance of life + custom + long-term follow-up service + on-site installation and commissioning
we are professional manufacturer of packaging machinery, has a professional staff of research and development, design, production, and various filling machine can be customized according to customer needs, and inkjet machines, packaging machinery, packaging equipment.
packing machinery factory Zhejiang China warmly welcomes you!!! Our service is to your satisfaction, we continue to innovate to meet your needs! //Mutual benefit mutual benefit and win-win is our unremitting efforts and pursuit!!
packing machinery factory Zhejiang China, with product research and development, marketing, Sales Department, and the Ministry of Commerce and the Department of after-sales service department. Factory in a people-oriented business philosophy, the packing industry is absorbing all kinds of talents. Product Development Department of overall planning of existing equipment design engineers 10, mechanical and electrical design engineers, more than software engineering 5. Over the years, our company adheres to scientific and technological innovation to win the market. Contacts with universities, many college graduates to the factory for further study, the formation of a highly qualified team of young highly innovative team spirit. The efficient operation of the Department, to provide our customers with high quality and convenient service. Our company with excellent quality, reasonable price, beautiful shape as well as the quality of service to win customers trust and praise products sold throughout the country and exported to more than 30 countries and regions.
fate of the integrity and quality of the enterprise! Good reputation and high quality service is the magic weapon for the survival of the company, over the years, the company's pursuit of the reputation and long-term cooperation of our customers. We firmly believe that cooperation produced by our employees products and services should provide customers with the largest and best value, company strict quality control, product qualified rate is 100%, commitment to customers is 100%. Efforts to meet customer needs and expectations, so that more customers in nine packing machinery factory Zhejiang China products!
we have been adhered to: with full enthusiasm, sincere cooperation attitude and win-win business philosophy, for more than 10 years development has achieved a leading position in the peer factory, has established good relations of cooperation with a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad.
we have been considered: your request is our mission, to serve you is our greatest pleasure!
company with first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class service!
"products of higher quality, faster service, update technology" is China nine diligently pursued.
believe China packaging, believe your eyes!
factory production of various types of packaging machinery more comprehensive and broader scope, more customer-friendly options.
main products has:
packaging machine: liquid packaging machine powder body packaging machine automatically packaging machine particles packaging machine
irrigation installed: liquid irrigation installed cream body irrigation installed quantitative irrigation installed powder agent irrigation installed particles irrigation installed
sealing machine: foil sealing machine plastic sealing hand pressure sealing machine foot sealing machine induction sealing machine
playing code machine: color with playing code machine ink round playing code machine manual playing code machine electric playing code machine hot playing code machine
Playing Charter: high playing Charter low Taiwan playing Charter manual playing Charter automatically playing Charter
contraction machine: 4020 contraction machine 4035 hot contraction machine PE hot contraction machine hot contraction packaging machine
spin cover machine: electric spin cover machine pneumatic spin cover machine desktop spin cover machine
business concept: innovation, and quality, and integrity
★ innovation: active innovation, products constantly replacement, to customer needs for oriented, provides customer satisfaction products, Filling technology in a variety of product areas to keep the domestic leading position, to the highest level in the World Sprint. ★
quality: all work to customer satisfaction, product from design to delivery, layers of checks. Key components are the world famous brand products. Make sure the equipment run stably for a long time.
★ honesty: honesty, people-oriented, down-to-Earth and realistic. Continued commitment to providing quality service to create customers, corporate prosperity of win-win situation.
★ core values: integrity, efficiency, quality, service
★ enterprise spirit: truth-seeking, innovation, integrity and win-win situation.
★ brands: brand is an integrated, complex concepts is a trademark, the name, packaging, price, history, reputation, sum, symbol, advertising style of the invisible. "Hua" brand packing machine at all, "China" under the joint efforts of the people, with excellent quality, reasonable price, user-friendly design to win the market, won the customer consistent high praise! Developed into a customer's friends and leading technology choices.

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