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Plastic products how to grasp the pharmaceutical packaging business

Sources said, vacuum filling machine, double-head filling machine, pressure filler drug packaging materials, such as annual gross quickly exceeded 20 billion yuan in the short term, such a large cake, get some corporate joy. But many enterprises currently existing packaging materials of plastic kits material behind and confusion in the market is very serious, especially as compared to an endless stream of new dosage forms, pharmaceutical packaging materials that match followed up issues such as slow, but so that they cannot be so easily laugh market.
experts predict over the next 5 years will be key to the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry. At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging industry's annual output value of 15 billion yuan, can only meet the demand of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises around 80%, which prompted drug plastics packaging industry develops rapidly in recent years. But this is why, with the pharmaceutical industry around support of the software have been lagging, can't keep up with the pace of development, currently in new drug preparation test compatibility with new plastic packaging materials needs to be improved. Southern Packaging Ltd said: ' such testing generally is determined by our clients do now, the cycle is very long, and the investment in human and material resources are also very large. ' It is understood that domestic capacity to undertake such as southern packaging business of drug packaging materials manufacturer is not much.
it is understood that the vacuum filling machine, double-head filling machine, isobaric filler currently existing plastic kits material production enterprises in China, most of the town and township collective enterprises, small scale, low levels of quality of personnel, equipment, technology and management, product quality and market competition. In order to reduce costs, some companies secretly buy lots of cheap inferior products. For example, with a composite membranes by provisions in the clean room production, cost $ 22000 RMB/ton, and in the ' factories ' production, cost only 18000 Yuan/ton. Zhejiang xinchang
known as the home of ' capsule town ', in the early 80 's with an annual output accounted for 1/3 of the country. However, in xinchang 327 capsule production enterprises, enterprises without a license up to 299, 90% of enterprises without a license in ' low, small, scattered ' business condition, 40% above the capsules production enterprises belonging to a family of individual enterprises and family workshops dominates.
it is understood that some large enterprises to the chaotic market conditions can do, they have begun to seek diversified development, turned to discover food industry packaging opportunities for expansion of drug packaging production, they think, will have to wait for further rectifying and standardizing the market.

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