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The international tea market new packages

Many consumers could feel the tea packing more and more sophisticated, it is as the world tea market competition, coupled with tea sales at a low ebb, stamping fight code machine, electric ink fight code machine to cater to the tastes of customers, many new forms of packaging has quietly appeared, new packaging has sophisticated processing, materials with novel structure and unique characteristics.
Let us look at the tea culture in Southeast Asia is how to package their own tea.
India using balsa wood as a raw material to make a wooden box, specification 15 g, 50 g and 250 g of three. Japan tea capsule, brings great convenience to the drinking. United Kingdom using envelope-like package of tea bags, stamping fight code machine, electric ink fight code machine on the outer package include "United Kingdom tea" and a warm waft of nursing map, which by the women welcome. Canada also are made of ceramic shaped like elephants, Sheng tea containers lined with wood.
as wood packing sealing effect, is not conducive to the quality of tea and ceramic packaging is costly and fragile, many tea companies pay attention to packaging, to work hard, make up for the disadvantages of wood boxes and ceramic packaging. Packaging materials in paper and foil, seal as possible to prevent external light and temperature and humidity affect the color, aroma and taste of tea. These various forms of tea packaging changes and trends show that tea sales in the international market competition will start from the packaging.

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