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The major industrial countries of the world packaging industry developments

In Europe, the market share of PET bottles is 60%, while aluminum cans 33%. Reusable PET bottles into continental Europe and Central Europe. Hungary, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Germany, and Switzerland, and Austria and the Scandinavian countries can be complex PET bottles have become very common. For example in the Netherlands, sealing machine, tea sealer plastic bag sealing machine 75% PET bottles carbonated drinks are packed in reusable packaging, while in Norway, by volume, the figure was 88%.
clear descriptions on food, medicines and other retail packaging "date code", "component", "weight", "place of origin" and the presence of additives, colorants and exotic material requirements will be more stringent. In addition, sealing machine, tea sealer, bag sealer such as container controls and detection of banned azo dyes (AZO), restrictions on the use of wood products contain copper, chromium, aluminum, arsenic as a preservative solution and other issues also received adequate attention.
United States, Europe, and Japan and other countries in the use of glass in continued decline, although in some applications in the high-end market. This tendency for glass is mainly used for everyday and special food packaging. If it has some changes in growth, sealing machine, tea sealer, plastic bag sealing machine will mainly be in disposable packaging products. But due to the large volume of aluminium cans long neck glass bottle can not be replaced.
beverage market has it significantly evident recovery, weight loss, you include a variety of trends in packaging slips and reuse. Pioneer of reuse is a United States company. From the ecological point of view, composite cans are not promising, its multi-layer material not easily separated.
in General, packaging, industrial countries might value packaging unique, convenient and good for the environment, and packaging costs, environmental and market problems into consideration. For example, the benefits of weight loss drinks cans can offset the cost of protecting the environment. Weight of the aluminium cans can be reduced by 29% such as 330ml, and steel tank can weight 24%. Metal packaging products under the direction of development is to ensure the intensity of weight reduction.
bag as saving material, sealing machine, tea sealer plastic bag sealing machine has been developed for some soft drinks packaging.
shrink packaging alternative secondary packaging cartons for transport packaging is a potential market, in addition to modular packaging for transport.
paper tray is being widely applied, sealing machine, tea sealer plastic bag sealing machine includes corrugated cardboard pallets, cardboard tray, honeycomb cardboard tray, molded pulp pallet. In addition, no nails cartons in Germany was first advocated.
beverage cans easy opening device and the ring is also striking. For example: United Kingdom ECO-TOP easy open with button devices; United States TOUCHTOP provides open circle touch the top cover. United States Coors wide-mouth lid there is wider than the standard tank 40% ring pull.
special-shaped cans for the beverage and food industries technology is progressing rapidly. United States two Coca-Cola has launched a 12-ounce aluminum cans. Unique shaped tanks are now targeting food market. Expansion tank has been in France for soup packaging. Jia Bao food cans of multiple post processing and tanks for the contraction of the printing technology and related technologies, as well as tank technology, packaged foods on the shelf stand for sales growth, promote the development of food cans.
in the tea market, Tetra is wrapper for the tea on the South American market, and was a success.
crate containers is still the main material of medium to large mechanical and electrical product exportation packing, quarantine and treatment measures against harmful organisms has attracted national attention.

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