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Excessive packaging were annual losses by Shenyang million

"Maiduhuanzhu" was originally an ancient Chinese fable jokes, said abandoned the real essence of the appendages when the baby is not of much value. Press in a recent interview revealed, stamping fight code machine, the Braille coder in a stunning cakes in promotions, exquisite and luxurious packaging is tantamount to a modern version of the "maiduhuanzhu". Not only that, dumplings, cigarettes, wines, teas, cosmetics, health products, such as household goods packaging and most luxurious.
package, from Liaoning province, according to the Association, for packaging waste was not being fully utilized the waste of resources caused by the large number of, Shenyang alone each year to millions of Yuan in losses annually.
moon cakes are "dressed" Deluxe
the Mid-Autumn Festival has not been reached, cake sales already in Shenyang early world war began. Reporters saw major shopping malls and supermarkets in the city, stamping fight code machine, the Braille coder boxed sets on the counter a few, but the individual package Deluxe, wooden boxes, Tin, Kam, rattan boxes, varied shape, flowers, books or basket shape.
amazing, beautifully packaged mooncakes are often "appearances" Deluxe, "" empty goods. A 29-inch television screen with the box, there was nothing but a small bottle of wine, a few plastic knife *, only 4 pieces of cakes, but the price is 288.
/> Deluxe package is competitive right now, luxury mooncakes as a representative of merchandise is getting more and more questions about excessive packaging, but luxury mooncakes still prevails. From a business standpoint, in order to make your cakes in an advantageous position in competition, at cengcengjiama in the package. Because only the packages so that consumers are satisfied, to sell more cakes and earn more profit.
a businessman told reporters, in fact, cakes in shapes and fillings have on now is not much gap, a piece of cake, do fine, costs are just a few Yuan, but if coupled with a luxury box, profits will increase to several times or even more than 10 times. Excessive packaging Shenyang million year loss
/> official said, on the one hand, excessive packaging and packaging with no practical use was thrown into the trash. According to statistics, currently about 4500 tons of garbage produced per day in Shenyang, one of the 30% is made up of various packages. The sanitation Department, stamping fight code machine, the Braille coder most paper cake boxes are together with ordinary household waste, and dropped into the garbage compactor landfill plant operation, adds difficulty to the garbage.
at the same time, the excessive packaging will be a waste of resources. Packaging associations in charge of Liaoning province, at present, Liaoning packaged goods output value reached more than 10 billion yuan each year, due to packaging waste is not being fully utilized for the large number of resulting waste of resources, only Shenyang alone, to lose millions each year.
Deluxe package has a legally binding
packaging Association said, Liaoning province, excessive current moon cake packaging is a serious problem. In this regard, the newly-revised law on prevention of environmental pollution by solid wastes explicitly, standardization Administrative Department under the State Council shall, in accordance with the economic and technical conditions, prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid wastes as well as the technical requirements of the product, organizations develop standards to prevent excessive packaging creates environmental pollution. Production, sales, import law was included in the compulsory recycling directory of products and packaging businesses, stamping fight code machine, Braille codes must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State of the product and the packaging for recycling. State shall encourage scientific research, production, production units are easy to be recycled or treated, or biodegradable film mulch in environment and product packaging.
but because of the packaging industry for excessive packaging definition and form there are different views, so the new law on prevention of environmental pollution by solid wastes are also facing a lot of difficulties.
official reminds consumers that buy life or production material, price and quality are the most important, and the packaging is secondary, as long as the packaging can meet safety requirements.

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