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China packaging machinery market forecast

Packaging machinery industry is supporting the industry of packaging industry, light industry machinery industry occupies an important position. For many years, packaging machinery for the packaging industry provides an important technical support, plays an important role in the development of the packaging industry. More and more packaging industry see: packaging and packaging machinery industry lies in development. Imagine in more than 10 years Qian, China packaging mechanical industry technology very behind, China packaging industry large imports packaging mechanical, automatically filling machine, beverage irrigation installed this while, packaging mechanical industry also in absorption Digest abroad advanced technology of based Shang constantly innovation, now has formed has full of industry system, packaging mechanical of technology also constantly improve, not only meet has domestic of need, has many packaging mechanical also export earned. However, relative to the development of foreign packaging machinery, China still has a lot of gaps, and, for a long time China's packaging industry is facing great development opportunities, so packaging machinery will have greater development. According to the current situation and domestic demand, the following five types of packaging machinery there are more developments.
1, bag? Filling? Sealing packing machinery
at present, the domestic production of "bag-fill-seal" packaging machinery business has more than 100 companies, annual production of 1500~2000 units, about 40 varieties, filling equipment is generally 2G~10G, 20G~50g, and 50g~100g, and 100g~250g, and 250g~500g, and 500g~1000g, and 1000g~2000g. -Made "bag-filling-sealing" about 75% packaging machines for small form-factor packaging models, has been solved in this context pellets, liquid, Pasty and powdered material packaging problems. Tianjin Walt company is the production of such products as early as up to enterprise and export, automatic filling machine, beverage filling machine is a small bag of "forming-filling-sealing machine," one of the largest manufacturers. At present, the "bag-fill-seal" packaging machinery models to separate, three-side-seal bags, high speed should be more than one column direction. The existing "bag forming-filling-sealing in" packaging machine manufacturer 5, currently, automatic bag forming packaging machine for bags of powder at home and clearance products are not real, which lack the basic technology research has much to do.
in the industry generally believe that "bag-filling-sealing" the development trend of packaging machinery for a modular, multiple columns, high speed, high stability, simple mechanical transmission, Adaptive closed-loop control.
compared with similar foreign products, China's "bag-fill-seal" packaging machines, in General, there is still a gap, mainly in the varieties, lack of suitable milk powder, salt, white sugar, washing powder and other material of special models. Packaging accuracy is low, generally between ± 2%~3%, ± 3%, and similar foreign products packaging accuracy is ± 1%, stable and reliable. Packaging at low speeds, automatic filling machine, beverage filling machine speed of packing machinery in China now, between small bags 60~120 bags/min, when more than 80 bags/min lower quality of packaging, bag 35~60 bag/min in foreign machinery and packaging pouch has been up to 1200 bags/min, 160 bags/min. Advanced technology can be implemented in a vacuum or under sterile conditions to finish filling, sealing, currently lack such equipment.
2, corrugated cardboard (box) production equipment
corrugated product packaging in the world has a history of nearly a century. Corrugated boxes with beautiful light, suitable for large-scale mechanized production, in particular recycling convenience features, has occupied an important position in traditional packaging material, automatic filling machine, beverage filling machine developed carton industrial output the entire packaging industry output value of about 40%. Corrugated boxes are not only currently available as packaged goods, even shock-absorbing, moisture insulation effect, its application is more extensive.
over the past decade, corrugated box machinery industry has developed rapidly in China, there are dozens of equipment manufacturing, higher levels of Lake Mountain light industry machinery factory of Beijing, capital factory, Zhaoqing jialong Charter group, Dandong, Liaoning light industry machinery factory and so on. Capital factory width 1.6m, speed 100m/min of corrugated cardboard (box), production line has a small amount of exports to Indonesia, Thailand and other countries. Zhaoqing jialong chartered groups are also exported. China has been able to produce A&B, C&E, E&B, cord and three, five, seven-layer corrugated board processing equipment, width up to 1.6~2.5M, line speed has been increased to 180m/min with steady work up to 100~120m/min. Products from development to printing on corrugated board line slot machines, cardboard gluing machine, cutting machine and other variety series. Computer technology has been applied to the production line, production management and specifications to facilitate adjustment, raise the level line. With the improvements in processing equipment and technology of corrugated roller, making it to extend the life of more than 10 million meters. Domestic product, although much progress, but the gap with foreign advanced technology is still not small. Advanced models quickly reach 350m/min abroad, the largest width is up to 3.3M. In addition, the domestic medium and low speed, light corrugated board production line integrated indicators such as energy consumption also has a larger gap.
the developing direction of corrugated box manufacturing equipment in China are developing equipment for wide width, high speed, to meet the market demand; the other is in the production of light weight corrugated board box equipment should pay attention to the whole set of, expanding the depth and breadth of the application of computer technology, focusing on improved performance and increased reliability.

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