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Solid ink round da Maji (India-code)

Solid ink round da Maji (India-code)

Apply: YJ-380 marking machine with a wide range of uses, especially for food, medicine, daily chemical, metal and other industries and a variety of flexible packaging cartons, paper, plastic film, metal foil label printing, non-absorbent materials such as code. Technical parameters

        source: 220V 50Hz
        rate: 180W
marking speed: 300 pieces/min (varies according to printing vertical size)
Was printing real size: long (55-380mm) wide (30-165mm)
playing code location: unilateral 60mm-250mmL within any adjustment
playing code line number: r type and the t type (maximum 5 line x8-10 Word)
font size: 2.0mm, and 2.5mm, and 3.0mm (three species specifications can for selection) t type or r type zinc alloy Word
outside type size: 460x350x300mm
heavy   &Nbsp;     : 24kg
MYT-380 marking machine is the use of advanced solid-ink, with instant printing Instant dry is not easy to erase outstanding performance. Operation of the machine is advanced in design, and manufacture of precision, smooth, vertical print positions by electronic control, adjust the photoelectric control printing and setting print count and the count.

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